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Access World, which has been trading for over 12 years, has a rather unusual success story. At midday, in September 1998, Allan Bailie (Access World's Managing Director) was brutally shot by AK47 wielding thugs, in what appeared to be an initiation practise or botched hijacking. At the time, he was in the employment of an access equipment company and was on his way to see a client. As a result of the severe injury sustained to his right arm, it was shortened by 3cm and a metal plate inserted. A workman's compensation assessment established that Allan was 26% disabled. Less than a year later, in July 1999, he started Access World.

Design and Innovation

Never one to remain idle, Allan began giving thought to the growing need for an improved aluminium scaffolding solution for industry. During his 3 month recuperation he begun and soon perfected the design of the "Tuffscaff" hook, which has since been patented. These colour-coded (handy when erecting) tempered nylon hooks have become the trusted hallmark of a "Tuffscaff" aluminium tower.

Allan also effected the following improvements to his aluminium scaffolding towers: a floating spigot (unique in the industry) at the top of each frame, which allows for play when joining one frame to another, avoids damage to tubing and makes erection less cumbersome; strengthened welded joints by increasing each joint to 150mm; a superior quality outrigger clamp and stairwell ladder; a larger adjustable brake and castor wheel; a trapdoor platform and lock brace. "Tuffscaff" components underwent SABS load tests to determine compliance with BS1139 Part 3/1994 Edition – Report Ref. No.: 5546/0005/00.


The manufacture of all components, except the castor wheels, is undertaken at Access World's premises in Sunnyrock, making "Tuffscaff" and "Tuffcade" truly South African products. Allan Bailie is a perfectionist and this spirit permeates manufacture, service and staff – no shortcuts are taken. All equipment is manufactured in line with SANS 51004/1/NP.

2010 saw the final development and launch of "Tuffcade" – our aluminium facade scaffolding that can be used to clad a building for construction purposes. Unlike the "Tuffscaff" towers, "Tuffcade" was specially developed to accomodate the weight demands of construction work and construction materials. See the "Tuffcade" page for details.

Another essential access component manufactured by Access World are Bridging Platforms (Youngman Boards). These quality reinforced platforms are produced in two convenient lengths: 3.6m and 7.2m.

With our wealth of experience and manufacturing capabilities, Access World also provides Tailored Access Solutions. As is often the case, access to the elevated sections of a site or construction is restrictive and difficult. But with the application of some ingenuity and research, we often make the seemingly inaccessable – accessible with a unique access solution.

Access World also manufactures a range of light-weight yet extremely tough trailers to your specification. Aptly named "Tufftrail", these trailers are fully equipped and roadworthy. See the "Tufftrail" page for details.


The "Tuffscaff" tower and "Tuffcade" facade are manufactured for sale and hire. All hire equipment is kept in immaculate condition as it is washed, checked and re-labelled after each return. As repairs are undertaken by the original manufacturer, after sales service is of the highest quality. Components are also sold separately, which means that a small basic tower can initially be bought and later expanded on when necessary or funds are available. Our busy hire section comprises of 2 full teams of scaffold erectors, all of which have achieved competency in unit standard 243275. We deliver, erect, dismantle and collect our equipment and towers as required.

When Access World first opened, we quickly noticed that when our clients collected their scaffolding they were often in need of the odd tool or safety equipment. As a result, our onsite Hardware stocks a large variety of tools, brushware, ladders, trolleys, power tools and safety equipment at reasonable prices.


Traditionally, "Tuffscaff" towers are used extensively in the finishing trades, for example shopfitting, ceilings, partitioning, building maintenance, painting and other work-at-height applications. However, because the towers are light, neat, versatile, rust-free and easily maneuverable – new applications are continuously being discovered. This was the case with Steel Frame Housing developers, who found "Tuffscaff" enhanced the time and cost saving benefits of this new and exciting concept in South Africa.

"Tuffcade", an aluminium version of the traditional steel facade, has been developed for use in the construction industry. Reinforced aluminium and components allow for the load demand and use of construction materials such as bricks and mortor on the structure. You enjoy the benefits of both steel-like strength and lightweight aluminium.


Since 1999, Access World has provided scaffold training as a service to our clients. This training covers the different types of "Tuffscaff" towers and components, as well as important equipment and safety checks, rules and procedures. Competent trainees are issued an Access World certificate.

Recently, Access World, in association with other scaffolding industry members and SETA, have introduced formalised training for scaffold erectors and supervisors. Our original training manual and other industry-specific material has been adopted into this formalised training by SETA. Competency certificates are issued by the "Institute for Work at Height" in line with SETA rules and regulations. We are a SETA accredited training provider. This ensures that our clients continue to receive the best possible service and expertise available within the scaffold industry. We have three competent assessors, one moderator and two trainers for this skills development process. Training is conducted at our premises in our purpose-built facility.

Industry Associations

Access World has been a member of SAEMA (Specialist Access Engineering and Manufacturers Association) since inception. This association has recently repositioned itself as the IWH (Institute for Work at Height). The company is also a CEP member (Committee of Expert Practitioners) in the work-at-height industry. With regards to the skills development sector of SETA, Access World conducts site inspections (free of charge), where our site inspector will give advice on the safest, easiest and most cost effective method of access to various heights.

Over 12 years on the up!

When Access World started over 12 years ago, the company operated from premises the size of a double garage. It had a staff compliment of two and a single sedan vehicle and trailer. Today, Access World employs 35 people, occupies a large well-stocked warehouse and has several vehicles and large trailers. It has become a reputable name in the industry and enjoys the support of many suppliers and customers.

We attribute our success to the dedication of our hard working staff, pride in our product and service, and successful relationships with customers and suppliers. Access World would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff, associates, suppliers and customers who have contributed to our success. It has been a wonderful, remarkable and memorable journey and we hope to take you to new heights in the future.

Access World Teams

Pay us a visit at No. 2 Sunrock Close, Sunnyrock Ext. 2, Edenvale, Jhb or call us on +27(11) 663-9200.